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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Conference and Event Management

Weddings in Goa

Wedding in Goa is no more a simple traditional styled Goan Wedding. Weddings in Goa are more of a fancy arrangement and can take place almost at any of the Beaches in Goa, at Sea facing gardens of a 5 Star Resort or on a Luxury Yacht. Weddings in Goa are a dream come true for romantic couples all over the globe.

Weddings in Goa

A fairytale and fun filled Beach side Wedding in Goa can take place almost at any of the Beaches here, at Sea facing gardens of a 5 Star Resort or on a Luxury Yacht. We recommend you the location as per your choice may it be an isolated Beach, a happening Beach with lots of passing by Guests or a Ricky Beach.

The idea is having a wedding location with the backdrop of Sea with waves crushing in just behind you. Sunset Wedding adds more charm to it. Mentioned below are some of the tips and suggestions from our side for a wonderful wedding and a bright married life.

Arrangement of Wedding Flowers in Goa

Weddings in Goa

Usually, the choice of flowers and the floral arrangements at a wedding are determined by the season, the flowers that are the most easily available and those that conform to the overall ambience of the wedding in Goa.

Flowers, just like music, set the tone for the wedding ceremony and reception. An elaborate floral arrangements give an aura of fantasy and romance. No matter how elaborate or simple, flowers are an integral part of the wedding event. Flowers constitute a subtle element that sets the tone and style and provides a backdrop for the wedding environment and the participants. To get an ideal about the types of floral arrangements possible, the floral decorations available and what part of your budget to spend on such features, contact a reliable florist. In Goa, the florists are easily available and one could get the best deals for his / her weddings at a reasonable price.

Finding a Reliable Florist in Goa

First of all, contact your friends and relatives who have attended or conducted marriages in Goa the recent past. Find out how they had arranged fro the flowers. Alternatively, you can go through the yellow pages to check out the listing under Florists. Various hotels, clubs or banquet halls also help in recommending suitable florists, especially if you are hosting the wedding at their venues.You can also speak to the locality florists in Panjim or Margao, who will undertake ceremonial flower ona turnkey basis. Your other, and perhaps, the most economical bet, could be contracting the temple priests, who are constantly in touch with florists offering such services at very reasonable costs.

Once you have found the right florist, provide him with a specific and detailed list of what you need and within what budget.  Explain to him the theme and the type of wedding that you plan to organize and on what specific occasions flowers would be required. Florists usually have portfolios displaying the variety of arrangements that they can make. But ultimately the final choice lies with you.

Flowers in Indian wedding ceremonies may be used for:

1. Decoration purposes.
2. Prayers and related rituals.
3. Fashion accoutrements.

Flowers that are freely available in your part of the country can be ordered just one day prior to the ceremony, but in the case of rare flowers, you must give your florist adequate time (at least a week) to arrange for them.


The floral decorations at various weddings in Goa differ from one another, depending upon the budget allocated, the individual tastes and preferences, and of course, the talents and skills of the florist/decorator.

Gone are the days of the flat, sedate, backdrop of a mandap bedecked with flowers.The floral decor of the nineties is more international in character, with theme weddings having taken over. The options could range from the traditional haveli theme of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Jaipur to featuring Spanish haciendas to windmills of Amsterdam or now the beach wedding in Goa. The possibilities are limitless and today there are wedding designers who offer an endless list of themes, that can be fabricated according to the clients preference and finances available.

Flowers which are a major part of th nuptial decor may be used depending upon the design and certain designs may even need tulips from Amsterdam or exotic orchids from Singapore to be flown in. While the traditional form at the entrance has taken on new design dimensions, elaborate floral arrangements at strategic points are de rigueur.

Bouquets for Your Tables

You can have attractive bouquets placed or banquet and dessert tables to provide a fresh and natural look. A donor forget to go in for an elaborate flower arrangements fro the centre table and other focal tables and watch appreciative glances turn towards the floral arrangements virtually throughout the evening. If you are organizing a sit down dinner for your party/reception, ensure that every table has a small centre piece consisting of an artistic set-up of candles or a hurricane lamp. Even the traditional wedding diya surrounded by flowers and greenery accords the table a warm glow for evening receptions.

Focal Tables

During a reception, apart from banquet and dessert tables, other tables are set up for cake, gifts, champagne and the bar (if you are going in for a cocktail party).

The wedding cake can be encircled by a ring of ivy with baby roses, or if it is a multitiered cake, add natural flair to its beauty by including floral sprays on every tier.

For the bar and gift tables, potted flowering plants can be used. Such plants prove highly economical and can be used even after the wedding.

For gift tables the florist can imaginatively use a combination of ribbons and bows to match with the colour of the flowers.

Shapes and Combinations of Centre Pieces

You could display simple yet beautiful bouquets of roses on the banquet tables for aesthetic effect.

A mixed bouquet of flowers and filler greens (ivy, ferns, leaves) can provide a fresh, natural look to the whole of the environment. Traditional flowers for such occasions are white roses, orchids, carnations, lilies of the valley and gardenias.

An elaborate arrangement of roses and chrysanthemums surrounded by cypress leaves make lovely bouquets.

The centre table can be provided an exotic look by arranging a bouquet of wild flowers, and while you enjoy their sheer beauty let others make wild guesses about the names of the flowers!

Finally, try and be creative. Any arrangements using flowers and leaves or branches in an elegant balances between colour and space stand out as unique centre pieces.

Besides flowers, new fangled floral arrangements can be obtained by making innovative use of various other raw materials such as wood, jute, bamboo, the stalks of lotus flowers and even shells. Cascading waterfalls and elegant bridges may als be erected to add drama and colour to the floral decor!

Decor at Home: Do it with Style

The houses of both the bride and the groom must be decorated tastefully and elegantly with flowers. Besides making your respective houses look festive, flowers offer the most convenient and relatively inexpensive way of decorating with style. Indian florists usually use the auspicious marigold (jaffery) for decoration as this flower stays fresh for a long period of time.

Welcome Gates: The Ultimate Decoration Idea

Your welcome is not complete until you do it with colourful elegance. The effect of gates bedecked with flowers can work like magic. Tell your florist to design a traditional flowergate for you with the auspicious mark of Swastik or Om or Ganesh for a festive look.

Dont forget to decorate the passage from the gates to the enclosure where seating arrangements for the guests have been made.Use long lasting flowers such as marigold or jasmine to enhance the beauty and fragrance of the surroundings.

The Varmala: Make it Special

Dont place the order for the varmala before the wedding attires of both the bride and the groom have been decided. Give the ceremony a dramatic effect by orfering varmalas in colours complementary to the attires of the couple and the decor of the surroundings. Preserve the varmala as a memento to remind you of this once-in-a lifetime occasion.

Dont think of your varmalas merely as garlands. You can make the occasion special by putting in a few personal touches; for instance, a particular fragrance you like or a certain flower that your to-be life-partner might adore. The varmalas that are usually available are of the following kinds:

(1) A plain rajnigandha garland embedded with gilt paper.
(2) A slightly heavier variety studded with roses and jasmine.
(3) Very heavy varmalas with chrysanthemum, aboli, orange kanakambaram, the maru patta (supplied from Madras) and purple or magenta asters for a colourful, decorative look.

Flowers fro the Bridal Dais

Decorate the bridal dais quite elaborately. Its a good idea to make the flowers and colours complementary to the varmalas and the attires of the bride and the groom, to the extent possible. You can opt for marigolds, jasmines, chrysanthemums and asters for the decorations.

The Wedding Mandap (for Evergreen Memories)

The wedding mandap should possess a pure, serene ambience. Marigold flowers are considered auspicious for decorating the mandap.

A Floral Rangoli - for Added Appeal

Dazzle your guests with beautiful rangolis made of multicoloured flowers. If the specific colours you have in mind are not available, dont panic; the florist can dye flowers or wood shavings to obtain the required colours.

The Getaway Car/Limousine/Doli

Decorate the gateway vehicle with flowers of complementary colours. Alternatively, go traditional and opt for the doli or palanquin on an occasion you would remember as you shed silver tears during the vidai.

The Bridal Suite: Golden Memories

Direct your florist to decorate the bridal suite aesthetically keeping your specifications in mind. However, it should be remembered that flowers complementary in colour to the linen and beddings must be used. Alternatively, the florist can be instructed to go in for pure white flowers (roses or jasmines) speckled with tiny red rose buds for providing a pure virginal effect.

How Much Would Flower Decoration Cost You?

The minimum prices charged by the florist for performing the aforementioned decorations could range from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 4, 00,000 depending upon the quality of flowers used and upon the complexity or elaborateness of designs specified.

Flowers for Prayer Ceremonies

Flowers have always formed an inseparable part of prayer ceremonies in India, moresoever when the occasion is that of a wedding. Therefore, available arrangements have to be made, for specific kinds of flowers for specific rituals.

The Sehra

Did you know that the ceremonial sehra donned by the groom has necessarily to have an odd number of ladis or strings (usually seven or nine or eleven). Flowers such as rajnigandha, jasmine, rose, chrysanthemum and aster are usually used to make the sehra.


On this festive occasion, the groom does not appear fully dressed until he wears a garland. We would suggest you do away with your paper-money garlands and opt for something more appealing and natural. Garlands made of flowers like rajnigandha and roses can prove to be very appropriate replacements.

Flowers for the Milni Ceremony: Starting Relations on the Right Note

Welcome your guests with flower garlands and shower petals of roses and rajnigandha as they enter the venue of the ceremony. During the milni ceremony the relatives of the bride and the groom exchange garlands in a specific order, i.e., grandfathers, fathers, brothers-in-law, mama and chacha.

Flowers for Blessing

Rose and rajnigandha petals are showered upon the bride and the groom at the climax of the wedding ceremony (for providing blessings).


Headgear: Make it Traditionally Floral

The brides hair should be gracefully decorated with flowers so that she appears fresh and lovely. Her special day can be made extra-special by giving her a floral look. If you are a bride-to-be, you must adorn your hair with an exquisite gajra. If you have arranged your hair in a braid, get yourself a flower choti. Your florist can make the choti from dry leaves called patal and decorate it with flowers like roses, jasmine and rajnigandha.

Flowers for Your Guests

Present your invitees bouquets as a token of appreciation. Gajras for the ladies and roses for the men boutonnieres (buttonholes) can also ideally serve as such tokens.

An exciting tip for the bride:

Flowers can be preserved as a momento, especially those used for decorating the varmala or the bridal bouquet.
A simple technique is to take the garland/bouquet apart, petal by petal for larger flowers. Keep these petals and small flowers (as they are) pressed between clean paper sheets with a heavy weight for about two months. After the petals and flowers have completely dried, peel them off from the paper carefully. Place them on parchment paper in an original style and pattern of your own. The sheets can be either framed (in glass) or preserved in the record keeper provided at the end of the book.


From the most primitive society to the most modern one, the custom of giving gifts to the bride and the groom from family and friends is not only fundamental but also essential. Giving gifts on weddings is a tradition that started centuries ago to help the newly weds begin their married life on a sound note. The practice of gift giving originates from tribal societies, where it acted as a yardstick fro determining the wealth of the bridal couple embarking on a life together. Whether the wedding is modern and sophisticated or simple and casual, the wedding gifts are thought of as the brides earthly treasures.


In most of the traditional weddings in India, it is usually the brides parents who present the bride and the groom the basis essential items for setting up their new home as they begin their wedded life. From her parents, the bride also receives gifts considered useful in running her future home such as cutlery, dishes, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, mattresses, linen and so on. Ranging from jewellery and clothes to cars or honeymoon tickets, a wide range of choice is available. For those who prefer to keep their expenses within allocated budgets, here are a few suggestions that combine the customary gift giving with a bit of innovation.

Bed Furnishing and Furniture: The Bundling Singnificance

Perhaps none of us is aware that the importance of bed linens in wedding originated years ago in a state called New England (in the USA).

Courting couples here were permitted to bundle together in the girls bed, frequently in the same room as her parents, as the weather was bitterly cold ad the distances considerable to prevent the young mans return to his own house. The couple remained dressed in their underclothings while covered up to their necks in furs and comforters. Thus, they remained warm and had an opportunity to neck to their hearts content. As far as the woman parents were concerned, they were perfectly satisfied that their daughters night of larking was proper as they had themselves acted as chaperones. This bundling together determined the fate of the couples future relationship, as they decided either to tie the nuptial knot or never see each other again, after this interlude.

Today, the closest approximation of the original bundling ritual pertains to the importance that bed linens play in the overall wedding, be it a Hindu, Sikh or Christian ceremony. The nuptial bed and related furnishings form an important and usable gift for the couple after the wedding, and constitute the primary focus of the newly weds acquisitions. Whether the wedding is formal or informal, bedroom furniture and furnishings (in part or in whole) are almost essential elements of the brides sagan, in that they represent the major change in the relationship between being engaged and being wedded.

Variations exist, however, with respect to how much has to be given, depending on the budget allotted and the rituals of every community. In some communities, presenting a joda of velvet quilts is considered auspicious. In others, the traditional old-fashioned chattai and a hand pankha carry remarkable significance.

Combining Tradition with Elegance

If your budget permits, and you want to go in for the whole gamut of furniture and furnishings for the bedroom, it would be worthwhile to choose stylish designs that complement the colours of the room. Embroidered bedclothes add that special touch of luxury and opulence, which is always appreciated. Dressing table, side tables and lamps will complete the furnishings, besides making ideal gifts.

If the newly weds plan to live on their own, it would be a great idea to present them with practical gifts such as utensils and other appliances that would help them set up their new home. Crockery made of bone china remains as treasured as it always was. Stainless steel utensils continue to be appreciated as useful gifts. Ask the couple to choose the pattern of the crockery and the steel utensils which you would like to gift to them. Such gifts will be warmly welcomed by them.


Buying gifts for newly weds was comparatively easier in the olden days due to lack of easy availability of luxury items. Nowadays, you might feel at a loss while trying to buy a gift that the couple does not already possess!  Avoid duplicates and consult the newly weds or their parents, if possible, as to what items they would like to receive as gifts for the wedding.


Use your unique genius and try to be different from the others.  For innovative gift ideas, put on your thinking cap!

You could be a talented amateur photographer, and artist or a musician. Your talents could make the occasion more memorable for the bride and the groom. Present them with an album of their wedding photographs ( a collection of a rare moments not caught by the professional photographers) or their portraits (drawn by you) or organize a music show as a surprise for their reception party!

Feel like presenting an expensive gift, but do not have the resources? A few of you could pool in and purchase a gift which will be highly appreciated and useful.
Cash gifts, gift cheques, stocks and bonds could solve your gift problem and may be the couples too! The newly weds can utilize these gifts as a down payment for a house, vehicle or may be to cover up the expenses incurred for the wedding. Moreover, one can save time and effort that running around in search for the appropriate gift would involve.

Other specific gift ideas are as follows.

Bone China Items
Stainless Steel Items
Fine Crystal Items
Silver/Silver-plated Items
Cloth/Plastic-related Items
Cooking-related Equipment
Miscellaneous Appliances
Decor Items
Entertainment Items
Garden Furniture
Jewellery and Related Items
Kitchen (Cloth) Items
Bedroom Items
Luggage Items
Items for Men
Furniture (Living Room)
Furniture (Bedroom)
Furniture (Dining Room)
Items for Women

Wedding Music

Music is the soul of any Indian marriage ceremony regardless of the faith of the families, or their state of origin. Without music and festivity, a wedding lacks the sparkle and verve of a celebration. Weddings present an occasion such as traditional, folk or modern. The different types of music played before the wedding ceremony, during the ceremony  from the reception of the baraat to the vidai, and during the reception  will set the tone, mood and atmosphere for the entire wedding.

In most traditional Indian marriages, music sessions on bothe the bride and grooms side begin well before the actual ceremony. The growing affluence of the middle-class Indian has resulted in the birth of a new music-oriented industry providing innumerable alternatives to the traditional singing to the beat of the dholak.

Selecting the appropriate music for various occasions of the marriage ceremony can be quite a demanding task, given the alternatives available today.


Your first job is to decide the type of music you want to be played on different occasions during the wedding ceremonies. For this purpose, borrow a wedding cassette tape or videotape of different musicians performances.You could also try and spot upcoming music performers.

Once you have decided the type of music needed, you could choose any one of the following alternatives for appropriate occasions.

Traditional Singing
Taped Music
Hindi pop and disco numbers
Piano/Live Band/Violin/Guitar

Taking Care of Your Guests: Transportation, Accommodation and Other Facilities


Normally, most of the guests manage to make their own arrangements but a little thoughtful gesture on your part can be instrumental in contributing towards maintaining high spirits, joy and enthusiasm at all stages. Request your guest to inform you beforehand of their arrival dates and time. If a number of guests are arriving on the same day, arrange for suitable vehicles to pick them up from the airport, bust terminus or railway station. Rent a few cars with drivers for this purpose or ask your other friends and relatives to help you in receiving guests.


Marriage ceremonies are usually held over a span of a few days. Arrange for suitable accommodation for your guests so that they remember you warmly and thank you fo a comfortable and pleasant stay. An idea of the number of guests who might require accommodation can be obtained by browsing through the guest list.

Normally, your friends and relatives might offer to accommodate some of the guests. Your neighbours can also help you here by letting your guests use an extra room or drawing-room for a few days. Draw up a list of guest house in ;your neighbourhood and ask the manager if it might be possible for them to accommodate your guests during the wedding period. If your guests prefer to stay in hotels, book rooms for them in advance.  It would be a courteous gesture if you offer to pay their bills (i.e., if your budget permits).  Make sure that the accommodation comes with clean and hygienic toilet and bathroom facilities.

Bedding for the Guests

Ask your friends and relatives if they can lend you spare mattresses and beddings and blankets/quilts (depending on the season). You can also rent the same from the market, where they are available at reasonable costs from most tent houses.

Electricity and Water

Make sure that the rooms that you have arranged for your guests to stay in have sufficient water and electricity facilities. If the wedding has been planned during summer, dont forget to check whether a provision for fans, coolers or air conditioners exists. If the wedding is planned during winter, ensure that a good supply of quilts and room heaters is available. Also, ensure that the bathrooms have hot water facilities and are clean and hygienic.

Mobile Toilets

The most often overlooked and yet the most important facility required during a wedding pertains to toilets and bathrooms. Both prior to a wedding and on the wedding day itself, especially if you are holding the reception at a community part or a private farmhouse where such facilities are not easily available, you can hire mobile toilets for your guests convenience. A new concept introduced in India, mobile toilets are fully equipped with the most modern sanitation systems and can be parked anywhere that you desire.


The venue of the wedding ceremony and its distance from the grooms/brides house would determine the mode of transport that your guests may find convenient to use. If the venue is a hotel or a public place, where a large number of guests can be accommodated, you have the following options.

Guests having their own conveyance
Mass transportation
Rent a dream


Discuss the parking arrangements with the manager, if the marriage is being held a t a hotel. Ask him to arrange for proper guiding signs and staff to help the guests find a parking spot as they arrive. You may also arrange for valet parking, adding to the convenience of your guests, besides giving a personal touch.

Schedule of Ceremonies

Its a good idea to mail the schedule of the pre- and post-wedding ceremonies along with the wedding cards, specifying the approximate time that each ceremony would require so that guests and relatives may time their arrival correspondingly and make sure that they are present when they are requires to be at the venue.

The Honeymoon


The word honeymoon is derived from the German word, flitterwochen, which literally means tinsel weeks, a time for glitter!

Weddings in Goa

The honeymoon is a post-nuptial event that has survived from the days when many a bride was kidnapped by the groom who was disguised and carried off to a secret hiding place to avoid the wrath of her father. With the passage of time, the couple sought reconciliation with the brides father by wooing him with dazzling gifts!

The traditional reason for embarking upon a honeymoon was that because of the waning nature of the passion of newly weds, like the waning moon, a time should have to be set aside for the couple to have complete privacy. This is a time not only for uninhibited romance but also for solitude, relaxation and an escape to a place of their choice, out of reach of intruding, if well-meaning, family members and friends.

In India where a majority of weddings are still arranged, a honeymoon provides and opportunity for the couple to get to know each other, understand each, other, explore each others needs and desires.

Every newly married couple knows that the essence of a honeymoon is privacy. When away form family and friends, the partners have time to know more about each other and enjoy each others company.

Plan your honeymoon so that you can visit your dream vacation spot at the best time of the year. Decide where you want to go and make sure that the climate will be what you want it to be, or your ideal honeymoon may end up being a miserable mistake!

Some newly weds do not consider anything but an immediate honeymoon. They may be more romantic but less practical. If you want to take off right after the wedding for the honeymoon of your dreams, you would have to plan your wedding and honeymoon dates carefully, so that everything goes off smoothly. It takes meticulous planning to have an evening wedding and then catch a flight for your honeymoon the following morning!  You dont always need to rush from the wedding mandap directly to the railway station or airport! An ideal wedding deserves an ideal honeymoon.

Our suggestion for a ideal honeymoon is Goa, the land of sun and beaches. After having an exotic Wedding in Goa, one should not miss the opportunity to have thier honeymoon in Goa.



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