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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Adventure Tourism In Goa

The exhilarating combination of miles and miles of spectacular sandy beaches and the wide and extensive rivers and scenic lakes truly makes Goa a holidaymaker's paradise. Besides, Goa is a perfect celestial home for the wanderlust traveler, an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts. Naturally, the fabulous beaches, beautiful rivers and lakes in Goa offer excellent options for a wide range of Adventure Sports in Goa.

Adventure Sports in Goa are among the most favored activities of tourists visiting the magical land. Adventure Sports are an excellent way to break away from the daily grind and enjoy complete relaxation and rejuvenation. There are so many options for adventure in Goa that you can explore and have a unique experience each day of your holiday, and that too loaded with adventure.

With an extensive coastline dotted with beaches, Water Sports is the most popular among Adventure Sports in Goa. Nevertheless, it's not just the water but also the land of Goa for you to explore, go hiking, trekking or river cruising in Goa and discover the untouched terrains of the land. Apart from water and land activities, there are plenty of other options for Adventure Sports in Goa like dolphin and crocodile spotting, island trips, etc.

Goa has become a hub for adventure activities. If you are an adventure sports buff, then Goa is the perfect destination in India for you. Adventure Sports in Goa beckons adventure lovers to indulge in the extraordinary activities and challenges that they are likely to confront while embarking on such sojourns.

All you need to do is select which Adventure Sports in Goa you want to indulge in. No special training is required for most of the sports. Even age is not a bar, as you need only a reasonable level of fitness in order to engage in these activities. Equipment, training and instructors are available. And to top it all, you can enjoy Adventure Sports in Goa at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere in the world.

Shed all your inhibitions and make the most of the exciting opportunities offered by Adventure Sports in Goa, India.

Surfing In Goa Surfing In Goa
Even if there aren't many secluded beaches located in Goa, still for wind surfing you do not exactly require seclusion. Beaches such as Calangute, Colva, Palolem, Vagator, Baga, Dona Paula, Miramar and Bogmolo are considered idyllic spots for surfing under the brilliant sun. Blue and tranquil, these
Water Sports in Goa Water Sports in Goa
Water sports is a sprawling activity in Goa. From exclusive domain of five star hotels to private operators, water sports in Goa has come a long way. Move on, river Mandovi and lakes also give you choice of water sports in Goa.
Parasailing in Goa Parasailing in Goa
With one end of the rope tied to the speed boat and the other to the para sail, you are up there, left suspended to feel the air on your face.
Jet-skiing in Goa Jet-skiing in Goa
Jet skiing is one of the most thrilling wateractivity for speed lovers. 100-135hp powered jet skis in Goa are sure to set you pulsating.
Water Skiing in Goa Water Skiing in Goa
Water Skiing is a Water Sport in Goa that requires practice, be prepared to tumble few times before you are ready for the final adventure. Strong legs and back muscles are pre requisite for water skiing.
Windsurfing in Goa Windsurfing in Goa
A rather inexpensive water sport but tough to learn, that's windsurfing. Though it's non-mechanised but it requires quite a lot of patience, good guidance and good health on the part of learner.
Speedboat Rides Goa Speedboat Rides Goa
If jet skiing is not enough for your speed thirst then move over to speed boat. More powerful, more faster, its a great group activity.
Catamaran Sailing Goa Catamaran Sailing Goa
Also called Hobie cats, catamaran sailing is a pretty relaxed activity but also a fun activity. Four people can sail at a time in catamaran sailing.
Scuba-diving and Snorkelling Goa Scuba-diving and Snorkelling Goa
Perfect for those with an explorer's eye, scuba diving and snorkelling are not thrilling but exciting activities.
Hiking and Trekking Goa Hiking and Trekking Goa
A tough and physically demanding activity, nonetheless good fun. Trekking and hiking are not just these two activities but include a range of activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, jummaring and river crossing.
Microlite Flying Goa Microlite Flying Goa
A recent addition to the water sports is microlite flying. Its a motorised machine with a forty feet wing span.
Other Activities in Goa Other Activities in Goa
Apart from land and water sports, a whole range of other activities will keep you hooked. A land of surprises, at every corner lurks a secret getaway waiting just for you. It could be anything from bird watching to dolphin or crocodile spotting trip.
Dolphin trips Goa Dolphin trips Goa
Who can resist the thrill of watching dolphins frolic in their natural surroundings, cavorting in graceful curves above the sea? Or gazing at crocodiles sunning themselves on the muddy banks of the Cumbarjua Canal before slithering back into the water?
Fishing In Goa Fishing In Goa
It is a great opportunity for the anglers among us to practice their favourite sport in the beautiful, tropical surroundings of Goa. You will go bottom sea fishing and trawling on the Arabic Sea.
Crocodile tours Crocodile tours
The huge, deadly looking crocodiles with dagger-like teeth are seen in the wild, right here in Goa in the narrow creek that intrudes into the thick mangrove jungle near the small village of Cumbarjua.
Yacht Tours Yacht Tours
Goa has been called “the French Riviera and the Greek Islands, all wrapped in one.” This tranquil beach paradise is located on the west coast of India. It has a reputation for being relaxed, friendly and bohemian in nature, a tiny emerald piece of land famous for its architecture, feasts

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