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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Food & Lifestyle

Delhi Darbar Restaurant Goa , Panjim, Goa
Goenchin Restaurant Goa , Panjim, Goa
Brittos Restaurant Goa , Baga Calangute, Goa
Quarterdeck Restaurant Goa , Panjim, Goa
High Tide Bar Goa , Panjim Goa
Corinnes Restaurant Goa , Candolim Goa
Sher-e-Punjab Restaurant Goa , Panjim, Goa
Martins Corner Goa , Bettalbatim, Goa
Fiplees Restaurant Goa , Benaulim, Goa

Almost 500 years ago the Portuguese sailed to the East in search of exotic spices and Goa (on the west coast of India, 400 km south of Bombay) became their main settlement.

Here began the spicy Indo-European gastronomic romance ... the fiery food of the region, mellowed to accommodate gentler European palates.

Continental cuisine was enriched with a bouquet of spices as only the virtuosity of Goan cooks could achieve.

Goans take pleasure not only in what they eat, but also how they cook it. Although modern conveniences have almost completely taken over in urban areas, the traditional way of cooking in clay pots on firewood continues in most rural areas of Goa. This style of cooking adds an additional smoky flavour to the food, highly valued by Goans.

Despite the two schools of cuisine traditions influenced by the respective religions of Hinduism and Christianity; there are some meeting points that present an interesting harmony. This blend of various cooking styles and influences is what makes Goan food so unique among the cuisines of India.

With a wide variety ranging from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes, Goan cuisine is able to satisfy even the most finicky gourmet appetites. Goa has some magnificent culinary delicacies like the prawn balchao and sorpotel which have become famous around the world.

Check Out the various options in Goan Cuisine below. Have a delicious meal !!

Goa Cuisine Goa Cuisine
The Goan identity is rooted, among other things, in deep enjoyment of food and drink. Thus when a Goan writer becomes nostalgic, he or she usually ends up reminiscing about the taste of their grandmother's sorpotel, the texture of a perfect bebinca, or the aroma of a large glass of feni. The ...***
Goan Spices and Wines Goan Spices and Wines
There are two Spice Plantations in Goa, both situated in the Ponda region and are engaged in producing spice powders and mixes out of pepper, cardamom, tamarind and all the other spice groups and categories. Dry land crops like Timber trees, Traditional medicinal plants, Mangoes, Pineapples, ...***
Goa Sea Food Goa Sea Food
Goa is famous for its seafood, the 'classic' dish being fish curry and rice. With the variety and range on offer, however, combined with the skills of the local cooks, there is a mouthwatering choice. Kingfisher is probably the most common item, on the menu, but there are many others including ...***
Pickles of Goa Pickles of Goa
A typical Goan meal is considered incomplete if there is no pickle served. Whether it has been bought from the market or fished out from that huge antique pickle jar tucked in the corner of the kitchen, any pickle will give that sizzle to your meal.
Goenchin Restaurant Goa Goenchin Restaurant Goa
Goa's only Restaurant to eat the way they do in China. For the connoisseur of Chinese food this is the place to be. The eclectic collection of appetizers and a wide selection of Chinese cuisine's viz. Szechwan, Hunan, Shanghai, Cantonese conjured-up by ou
Cuisine : Goan and Chinese
Location : Panjim, Goa
Sher-e-Punjab Restaurant Goa Sher-e-Punjab Restaurant Goa
Sher-E-Punjab Restaurant Goa is located In the heart of Panjim city Goa. Sher-E-Punjab Restaurant Goa serves Non-vegetarian cuisines. Amenities and services for Sher-E-Punjab include C.D. music, Outdoor catering, Free home delivery, Take away food service
Cuisine : Mughlai, North Indian, Chinese Cuisine
Location : Panjim, Goa
Delhi Darbar Restaurant Goa Delhi Darbar Restaurant Goa
Delhi Darbar Restaurant Goa is located on the M G Road, in Panjim Goa. Delhi Darbar attracts and welcomes the whole lot of North Indian Food lovers. The Restaurant serves North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, Chinese cuisine and seafood.
Cuisine : North Indian, Mughlai cuisine, Chinese Cuisine Multi Cuisine
Location : Panjim, Goa
Brittos Restaurant Goa Brittos Restaurant Goa
Brittos Restaurant Goa is a long running restaurant on the famous Baga beach in Calangute Goa, India. At Brittos Restaurant Goa you can enjoy fresh food, the best sea views, occasional live-music and great cocktails.
Cuisine : Goan and Continental
Location : Baga Calangute, Goa
Quarterdeck Restaurant Goa Quarterdeck Restaurant Goa
Quarterdeck is that multicuisine seafood restaurant with a natural ambiance of the river front. Catch that scenic beauty of the evergreen hillocks of Betim and the river Mandovi that runs by, while you relax and unwind over a glass of chilled beer, a refr
Cuisine : Goan, Chinese, Continental and North Indian
Location : Panjim, Goa
High Tide Bar Goa High Tide Bar Goa
This well stocked cozy bar is the best place to tide over your weariness and relax. Specially concocted Cocktails and Mocktails by our bartender supplemented with innovative starters and aperitif along with soft soothing music is a sure way to invigorate
Cuisine : Cocktails, Spirits and Mocktails
Location : Panjim Goa
Corinnes Restaurant Goa Corinnes Restaurant Goa
Corrine always was a fantastic cook, especially, Goan delicacies. In her small bungalow in Candolim, she has now opened her own restaurant, Corinnes Goa.
Cuisine : Goan Cuisine
Location : Candolim Goa
Martins Corner Goa Martins Corner Goa
Martins Corner Restaurant is situated just off Betalbatim beach Goa, Martins Corner Restaurant Goa is probably one of Goas best known restaurants.Martin's Corner is the favorite restaurant of prominent celebrities, undoubtedly the best dinner option.
Cuisine : Continental
Location : Bettalbatim, Goa
Fiplees Restaurant Goa Fiplees Restaurant Goa
Fiplees Restaurant Goa is a multi-cuisine restaurant with a wide choice of seating - from the ground floor to the top balcony in the open air for a curious look at the stars. Fiplees Restaurant Goa makes for you those perfect moments with your loved ones
Cuisine : Indian, Tandoori, Continental, Chinese & Speciality Goan Dishes.
Location : Benaulim, Goa
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