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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Fort Cabo da Rama

Fort Cabo da Rama in Goa bears the brunt of the long ago fierce battles. Despite its romantic appearance, the past of this fort was anything but romantic. Fort Cabo da Rama stands on the southern coast of Goa. It was captured by the Portuguese and then won over again by the Marathas.

 The fort then shuffled back and forth during which several additions were made to the original fort. The underground tunnels for example were built by the Portuguese to escape in case of any emergency. The British later used this fort as a prison. Now however, the fort stands in ruins in Goa. However, the beautiful church in the vicinity stands in good condition. Besides the fort itself, the amazing view offered by the fort also attracts tourists in great numbers.

Fort Cabo da Rama in Goa stands in testimony of Goa’s rich history and endearing past. The spectacular architectural style still can be seen despite the ruins. It serves as a great tourist attraction because of its scenic atmosphere. All these qualities also make Fort Cabo da Rama as the most popular fort in Goa. It also serves as a good picnic destination for tourists in need of adventure and solitude.Thus the fort Cabo da Rama is one fort where you can seep in the history and get connected with Goa’s remarkable past.

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