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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Forts of Goa

Goa is the prime tourist destination in India, and rightfully so. This small state boasts of having one of the bluest and cleanest beaches in India, some of the most beautiful landmarks and areas rich in green vegetation. Besides these natural wonders, Goa also houses innumerable places of worship including temples and churches. However, there is another attraction that enthralls tourists and almost leaves them speechless. This attraction takes the shape of the ancient and grand forts of Goa, which reflect the history of Goa, its trials and tribulations, and most importantly, they show the rich impact of the times gone by.

Goa like the rest of the country, passed into many foreign hands. The impact of this is clearly seen in the grand forts and buildings, which stand, majestically as a testimony of Goa's historical significance in India. There are variety of forts in Goa, some small, some large, some still preserving the homey atmosphere of the past, while others who prefer to frown down on the visitors. No matter what the size and structure of these great forts, all of them cater to the aesthetic demands of the visitors fully.

Despite some sorry looking fort ruins, Goa also owns forts in good repair that show the strong architectural style of the past. It is very essential for tourists to keep their minds open and their senses alert when taking a trip down Goa's memory lane. While some features of the forts like the amazing structures, history of their misery and joy are not hidden, some secretes of these forts need to be coaxed out only by being highly observant. Thus, after soaking in Goa's sun, tourists can visit the forts of Goa for the experience of a lifetime.Though there are many forts in Goa, some of the most popular ones include, Terekhol Fort Cabo da Rama, Fort Chapora, Fort Aguada and also the runs of St. Augustine's Tower. Thus, while in Goa, tourists are encouraged to visit these forts and get acquainted first hand with these relics of Goa's past.

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