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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Goa Cuisine

The Goan identity is rooted, among other things, in deep enjoyment of food and drink. Thus when a Goan writer becomes nostalgic, he or she usually ends up reminiscing about the taste of their grandmother's sorpotel, the texture of a perfect bebinca, or the aroma of a large glass of feni.
The basic components of Goan cooking are, not surprisingly, local products.

The claim that every part of the coconut is used for something is not an idle one. Coconut oil, milk and grated coconut flesh flavor many dishes, while toddy, the sap from the coconut palm, is also used to make vinegar and to act as a yeast substitute. Another important product of the palm is jaggery, a dark colored sweetener that is widely used in preparing Goan sweetmeats.

Goan cooking generally involves liberal amounts of spices, too, giving dishes a strange taste and distinctive aroma. The most commonly used include cumin, coriander, chilies, garlic and turmeric. Another local ingredient used to flavor fish curries is kokum. Particular combinations of spices have led to a number of styles of cooking, which have subtly differing flavours-masala, vindaloo and balchao being some of the most famous.
For the main content of the meal, seafood of all varieties is eaten, and pork and chicken are the most commonly used meats. The Portuguese influence in goan cooking cannot be ignored.

Dishes such as racheiado, caldeirada and cabidela reflect the legacy of the state's colonial heritage.
Goan cuisine does not naturally cater for the vegetarian, and as compromise various cooking styles like xacuti, caldinha etc., are sometimes used in the preparation of vegetables. Two vegetable dishes, however, are mergolho, which is made from pumpkin and papaya and breadfruit curry.

Sorpotel Dish Goa Sorpotel Dish Goa
A spicy pork recipe which rightfully has its own fan base and most of the time is the centre of meal-time conversation in any Goan celebration.
Pork Vindaloo Dish Goa Pork Vindaloo Dish Goa
Pork Vindaloo is the benchmark of Goan food. It is made without adding any water to the recipe. It is a good example of the marriage between Indian and Portuguese influences which typifies Goan cooking.
Chicken Xacuti Dish Goa Chicken Xacuti Dish Goa
In Goa "chicken xacuti" which is prepared of coconut. Cafrial is a method of preparation, usually used with chicken, in which the meat is marinated in a sauce of chillies, garlic and ginger and then dry-fried.
Chicken Cafreal Dish Goa Chicken Cafreal Dish Goa
Chicken Carfreal is a Goan dish that has its roots in Africa. Though in Goa, this chicken is fried instead of being grilled.
Goan Sannas Goan Sannas
Sannas are another Goan speciality served as an accompaniment to a meal or as a starter. It is a steamed-bread made from ground rice, fresh coconut, salt sugar and yeast.
Goan Sausages Goan Sausages
Made with diced pork, which are then salted and mixed with stone ground Goan Piri Piri masala. Sausages have been with us for a very long time. It’s one of the oldest methods of food preservation in Goa.

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