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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Handicrafts of Goa

Handicrafts of Goa usually include objects made using natural material like coconut husk or palm leaves. Goan craftsmen enjoy coloring wooden articles in vibrant colours like red, green, yellow and white. These multihued wooden items are called chitaris.

Handicrafts of Goa also include the use of brassware. Corlim a well known place in Mapusa specializes in the making of elegant brass oil lamps called samai. These are available in varying kinds ranging from four-branched lamps to many-branched lamps with the image of a god or goddess.
Goan handicrafts also include pottery, shell work, furniture making, bamboo work and papier-mache.

Coconut Products are made of dry coconuts and coconut shells. Goan craftmen carves the coconut shells to make intricate designs on items like table lamps, flower pots, images of gods and goddesses which are later varnished and colored.Shell Products are different kinds of shapes and designs made out of shells.Terracotta Products is traditional form of craftsmanship where mud is moulded in make items like flower pots and many decorative items.

Handicrafts of Goa are the most valuable assets of the beach state, which are not only ethnic, but their creative merit surpasses many costly trendy items of the present age. Goanese are very good at carving out showpieces out of natural stuff like coconut husk or palm leaves.

To fulfill a tourist's wish to shop for exclusive Goan handicrafts, a plethora of items are made under the tutelage of the Goa Rural Handicrafts and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation. The items made by these craftsmen in Goa are made available at the Handicrafts Emporium in Panjim, tourist hotels, and other souvenir hubs.

Government Emporia for local Art & Handicraft Government Emporia for local Art & Handicraft
Goa does not lag behind as far as local arts and crafts are concerned and with the superb craftsmanship of the local artisans has managed to carve out a niche for itself in this highly competitive field.
Pottery and Terracota Pottery and Terracota
These are traditional crafts with utility-cum-decorative items produced by the potters with artistic perfection and realistic finish.
Brass Metal Work Brass Metal Work
Brass items are very famous with tourists especially samais. This craft is available in plenty in the markets of Goa.
Wooden Laquerware and Wood Turning Wooden Laquerware and Wood Turning
Some of the most exquisite items produced in Goan woodcraft include cradles, baby carts, toys, corner stands, etc. which are used mostly by Hindu families on religious occassions.
Crochet And Embroidery Crochet And Embroidery
Works such as tablecloths, children and ladies garments, pillow and cushion covers, linen form a breathtaking apparel range.
Bamboo Craft Bamboo Craft
One of the major crafts industry of Goa. The list of popular Bamboo products include flower baskets, mats, and letter-holders, pen stands, fans and other decorative items.
Fibre Craft Fibre Craft
Shopping bags, ladies purses, coasters and wall hangings, and other essential accessory items used in daily purposes are made of banana or sisal fibre and the major fibre craft centre is situated in Corlim.
Jute Macrame Craft Jute Macrame Craft
Jute craft is known to be one of the most unique crafts of India and items such as decorative bags, belts, wall hangings, lamp shades, flower pots, hangers, etc are popular Goan souvenirs.
Coconut Mask Carving and Sea Shell Craft Coconut Mask Carving and Sea Shell Craft
Mask carving has got a whole new look in Goa as it is done on coconut shells. Sea shell craft produces ashtrays, lamp shades, coasters, chandeliers, curtains, pot hangers, table mats, clocks, mirror frame, etc.
The Goa Handicrafts, Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited (GHRSSIDC), a Government of Goa Undertaking.

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