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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Hiking and Trekking Goa

A tough and physically demanding adventure, nonetheless good fun. Trekking and hiking are not just two great adventures in Goa, but also include a range of activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, jummaring and river crossing. Rock climbing is though difficult but with better equipments, safety levels have increased.

Rappelling is an adventure which is descending a rock with the rope and harness and Jummaring is an adventure which is ascending a rock using the toothed metal clamp. Another exhilarating activity is the Tyrolean traverse. You are suspended over a river, valley or a ravine with a rope and you back crawl on the rope but of course there are safety equipments also.

With the lush green Sahyadris in Goa, trekking is a delight. As you ascend on your journey, every sight is captivating to behold you. Places such as Valpoi Goa, Mollem and Sanguem Goa bring you closer to the nature with every step.

One can go for trekking and hiking anytime round the year but October to December is the best time. The usual trips are trekking to the Dudhsagar waterfalls, rock-climbing and rapelling at Kalen Rock in Sanguem. There could be tailor cut trekking expeditions according to your requirements also.

The government is also promoting land sports that are equally enchanting as the former. One can enjoy hiking and trekking adventures that involve a wide range of skillful and physically demanding actions. Go for the extreme adventure of rock-climbing on the adamant rock-faces of Goan hills. Don't forget to try the Tyrolean traverse, an exhilarating river crossing technique beneath Aguada Fort Goa. Often referred to as under belly crawling, it involves crossing a river, ravine or even a deep mountain gorge with modern ropes and equipment.

Trek on the lush Sahyadri hills Goa, running through the heart of Goa for an intimate commune with the nature. After the trek you can enjoy a snake demostration, botanical lectures, bird watching programmes by WWF officials and star gazing initiated by the Fire Department of Goa. The tarzan swings and monkey bridges during these fun-filled days will surely make your holiday a memorable one in Goa.

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