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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Imaculada Conceicao Church

Imaculada Conceicao Church

Elevated: 1600Â Â Â Â Feast: 8th December

History: Panjim was erected into a parish in 1600. The original chapel founded before 1541 was rebuilt in 1619. The artistic staircase leading to the church was built in 1870. The huge 2.25 ton bell on the belfry, second in size only to the ‘Golden Bell’ of the Se Cathedral, once belonged to the Monastery of St. Augustine, Old Goa.

Architectural notes:

• Mannerist Neo-Roman style
• Large size, 5 bays x 3 storeys
• Large bell housed in belfry at apex
• Insignia of ‘AM’ (Ave Maria) at apex
• Gable has fern-edged Rococo style curves
• Coupled pilasters, twin bell turrets
• Finials of urn and spear types
• Monumental staircase similar to that of Sanctuary of Bom Jesus at Braga, Portugal

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