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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Leisure Cruises in Goa

Have you ever gone houseboat cruising on the most picturesque river estuaries of Goa? If you haven’t, make sure you do. This one’s really an absolutely wonderful, unforgettable experience! Nature has been so generous to Goa with its greenery, rivers, backwaters and calm serene atmosphere. Many species of rare and exotic birds are to be seen as you cruise along the river estuaries.

Watch the eagles as they circle and dive for fish. Kingfishers perch on overhanging branches ever watchful for a passing snack. Aquatic birds are in abundance. Cruises are a star attractions of Goa. There are river cruises as well as sea cruises options for you.

River Cruises on the Mandovi river is tremendously enjoyable experience which you should not miss out during your trip to Goa. Though there are a number of private operators running river cruises, the best way to enjoy the beauty of river Mandovi is to undertake a cruise conducted by the GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation). There are variety of cruises for you to choose from - daytime, sunset and moonlight. Day cruises itself can be categorised into two types - the first one is down the Mandovi river into the Zuari bay while the second one is up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring.

We organise cruises to attract people truly interested in a overwhelming experience, who will have opportunities during the cruises to explore the different parts of the world.

Santa Monica Goa Santa Monica Goa
Santa Monica, the luxury launch operated by GTDC, will take you on an exciting trip every evening on river Mandovi. Around 200 people can take a trip together and enjoy the various live cultural entertainment programme.
Sun Set Cruise Goa Sun Set Cruise Goa
A one hour trip that costs Rs 100 per person. Cultural entertainment programme include troupes performing the Dekni Temple Dance, the Fugdi Dance and the Corredinho Dance (Portuguese peasant dance).
Sun Down Cruise Goa Sun Down Cruise Goa
This one starts off at 7. 15 in the evening and is also an hour's trip. Cultural entertainment programmes are the same as in the Sun Set Cruise.
Full Moon Cruise and Special Cruise Goa Full Moon Cruise and Special Cruise Goa
This one gives you an opportunity to enjoy the excitement of cruise trip for a bit longer period. The trip carries on for a period of two hours and, as per its name, offers a brilliant chance to enjoy the glittering beauty of moon.
Dolphin Fantasy Cruise Goa Dolphin Fantasy Cruise Goa
One can watch the dark graceful water beauties in a ever-playful playful mood enchanting the tourists with a rhythmic dance of love.
Pearl of the Orient Goa Pearl of the Orient Goa
Pearl of the Orient Goa is a mixture of natural and cultural heritage cruise cum walking tour.This cruise takes one to the enchanting world, along the river of peace, warmth and tranquility.
Just a Sail Leisure Cruise Goa Just a Sail Leisure Cruise Goa
Situated in the backwaters of GOA-one of the most beautiful places in INDIA. You can sail down Siolim river. Enjoy the rustic stillness. Take in the bracing river breeze.

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