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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Microlite Flying Goa

Goa has umpteen number of options for water sports and adventures. Microlite flying is the latest addition. A motorized machine with a forty feet wing span, microlite can accommodate two to three persons including one operator. You need not to know gliding for microlite flying because it is a operators job. You are just expected to sit and enjoy unfolding Goa beneath you.

Microlite-flying is an adventure in Goa is a new fad among a clutch of aviation enthusiasts in India. A basic microlite, in fact, can be assembled for just around Rs 5-6 lakh, somehow equivalent of buying a car for a middle class person. The hobby of flying is infectious in nature. The moment passion catches on, it becomes too hard to give it up. This adventure is a variation of hang-gliding. It was initially introduced by Nikki's Travel Services at Anjuna, Goa from November, 2004.

Ability of being able to assemble a microlite with commercially available parts is half the fun in itself. Microlites typically use motorcycle or lawnmower engines although certified but costly engines are also available. Their normal speed is about 120 kilometres per hour, consuming around 14 litres of petrol per hour. These can stay in the air for five hours at a stretch. Microlites can be also be designed to be open to the elements, with the wind rushing past you.

This adventures are new to Indian skies. Rajiv Gandhi, India's late Prime Minister and a trained pilot himself, cleared the use of this addictive sport in the civil sector way back in 1989. Microlite flying has gained the phenomenal popularity since then. Almost all the human beings have always envied the birds for their ability to fly. "Aviation is very addictive", says one microlite flier "Microlite flying is like experiencing an orgasm.

A recent addition to the water sports adventure is microlite flying. Its a motorised machine with a forty feet wing span. Two to three people can sit in it at once including the operator. You don't need to learn gliding for this activity as it's the operators job, you just have to sit and enjoy Goa unfold beneath you. As its a recent activity, its only available at Calangute Beach Goa.

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