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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India


Like every state in India, there are a couple of cinemas in Goa – which include multiplexes and cinema halls.

The INOX Multiplex was erected in 2004 during the International Film Festival which was the first to be held in Goa. It is located near the Panjim market wherein the old GMC hospital was present. It is a very large multiplex having four screens in a split A/c environment. It is a pleasure watching movies at Inox simply because of the enthusiastic crowd that gathers for the movies. Although the ticket rates are quite high, it is not enough to dampen the spirits of true movie buffs. The weekend shows or for that matter, any shows after 12.00 noon will cost nothing less than Rs. 130/- while shows before that would slightly relieve your pockets by a difference of Rs. 40/- or so. Overall, INOX is an enterprise of Inox Leisure Limited and with strong financial background, an impeccable track record and corporate business, it competes with other multiplexes very gracefully. Another feather in its glory would be the long chain of multiplexes running in 10 cities with 38 screens making it the only national multiplex chain.

The atmosphere inside the auditorium is very lively with all the modern projection and acoustic systems having Dolby Digital sound system whereby any movie lover literally gets to “LIVE THE MOVIE” which is the trademark catchline of Inox and is really justified. There is a varied choice of Hindi, English and Regional movies releasing every Friday making it a treat for the weekend. Food is really expensive but high levels of hygiene are the hallmark of Inox which is why it is the most preferred movie theatre. Inox is conveniently located in Campal and is hardly 4 kms away from the main city.

There is also the facility for booking tickets over the phone or via SMS by dialing the general customer care number to even get your tickets delivered at your home. Overall, Inox lives up to the expectations of movie lovers all over the nation and truly, as they say, LIVE THE MOVIE at INOX

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