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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Wedding Planner

Traditional weddings, whether Christian weddings or otherwise, are common! Did someone say "We organise theme weddings"? What's that? How different are they from traditional weddings? Customs and rituals are important but do they have a place in theme weddings? After all, one can't afford to slight the elders in the family? Yet, the words sound enticing?

Yes, we organise theme weddings that double up as traditional weddings.

How about beach weddings? Can beach weddings qualify as these? Of course, we have that flexibility too. We organise theme weddings that are also beach weddings.

Just too many doubts. No clear conception of these terms. Just call us and we'll be at your service. As we mentioned "We organise theme weddings" and we can suggest themes too.

Heard of theme parties and theme bashes, but don't know the finer details? Same problem. What does a person do? Can theme parties be essentially ethnic or ultra -western? Are theme parties always wild and wacky? Can theme parties suit more refined sensibilities?

Common sense demands finding out details about these theme bashes. But practical wisdom necessitates that you contact the best wedding and party planners available and leave the arrangements to them.

We organise theme weddings, we said and it's not an empty claim. We told you, whether theme weddings or theme parties, a traditional wedding - Hindu or a Christian wedding- a beach wedding or any such other novel idea, we organise weddings and parties by any name.

We organise theme weddings and in doing so strike the golden mean between those and traditional weddings. Between theme parties for the jet set and the absolutely hardy lot of humanity. Whatever your need the right people to contact? Us, of course! Next time instead of our saying 'we organise theme weddings', it will be you proclaiming that to the world.

Wedding Planning Services Wedding Planning Services
We make complete wedding arrangements including venue booking, accommodation arrangement for guests, theme decor, local transportation, catering, floral and lighting d?cor, mandap and stage, traditional attire for Bride, Groom and Guests too, photography, wedding cake, priest etc.
Kashmiri Wedding Kashmiri Wedding
One of the most beautiful ceremonies is the posh puja that takes place after the pheras are completed. The bride and the groom sit in front of the fire and are wrapped in a red cloth.
Sindhis Wedding Sindhis Wedding
Ganesh Stapana (Ganesh Puja) is performed a few days prior to the wedding after which the bride and groom are not allowed to go anywhere alone until the wedding day. Datar is a post-wedding ritual specific to Sindhis.
The Buddhist Wedding The Buddhist Wedding
Our traditional attire plays an important role in the wedding. The groom presents the bride with a bakkhu, a full-length brocade sarong like dress with a sleeved blouse and se ghow that is jewellery made of gold and precious stones.
The Khasis Wedding The Khasis Wedding
Women are given the respect and position that comes with being the head of the family. Here, in Meghalaya, being a woman is a different ball game altogether. In other parts of India, when a girl gets married, she goes and stays with her husband.
The Marwaris Wedding The Marwaris Wedding
This is a post-wedding ritual when the bride comes to her sasural for the first time. The bride and her devar (husband’s brother) are given a neem chadi (a branch of a neem tree) each.
The Gujaratis Wedding The Gujaratis Wedding
Gujarati weddings have only four pheras. This is the last length of the ceremony after which the bride becomes a part of her new family forever.
The Muslims Wedding The Muslims Wedding
In most weddings, during the feast, people start with an appetizer and move on to the main courses followed by dessert. In Bori Muslim weddings though, we start with tasting a bit of salt. This is said to activate one’s taste buds.
The Jews Wedding The Jews Wedding
Jews in India have imbibed a few rituals from neighbouring communities. The wedding takes place at the synagogue where the groom first enters and goes to the Tebah (podium). He waits for the bride who is escorted by her father to the Tebah.

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