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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

The Great Outdoors Island Resort Karwar - South Goa

 Hotel Overview

The Great Outdoors Island Resort Karwar karnataka.This Island is a secluded retreat with untouched natural splendour, a remote haven located 4 kms into the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karwar, Karnataka, India. A 20 minute motorboat ride takes you to this island hideaway where you can enjoy the wealth of God's bounty. Rejuvenate your soul amidst the eco-friendly rustic ambience. Enjoy living in tents and bamboo cottages beneath a moonlit sky. Experience breathtaking seascapes & dazzling sunsets. Indulge in adventure with nature walks, swimming, fishing, bonfires and barbecues, dolphin spotting, boat rides, aqua sports, rock climbing and much more. Discover historic ruins of an ancient fort reflecting the glorious past of this island. Escape from the world.. simply relax, listen to the palms, inhale the sea air around you, experience the essence of paradise - a paradise that has never been more affordable. The Great Outdoors offers you a vacation of a lifetime and rest assured policy that guarantees value & satisfaction. This exclusive escape will become your favourite secret place to revive, refresh & rejuvenate your senses! On your return from The Great Outdoors, you are left with delightful memories of peace, tranquility & untouched natural beauty! Activities Visit to the beach (10-12 minute walk) Suitable for swimming, fishing, beach volleyball Island Tour (Approx.1 ˝ Hour) A member of staff will escort you on a guided trip around the island. The tour includes a nature walk along the circumference of the island. Cozy Canopy: Natural thicket formed by the roots of trees and shrubs. A cool and shady area to relax, unaffected by the sun’s heat at any time of the day. Mystery Creek: A crack in the rocks formed by an earthquake several million years ago. It is believed that Lord Narasimha made his way through this long creek leading to a cave near the temple, which is how the temple was named. This is a good place to spot otters, locally called “ Neer Nai”. Narasimha Temple: A temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha built several years ago on the top of the island. Devotees visit this temple shrine for an annual yatra in January. Abandoned Tower: Built years ago with the idea of utilizing it as a lighthouse. Another neighbouring island (Devgad Island) deeper into the sea was found more suitable and hence this tower was abandoned. The suitability of this tower to hoist a windmill and generate adequate power for the island’s needs is being considered. Fort walls & Canons: Many kings of different dynasties, including those of the Vijayanagar Empire, Bijapur and Sonda kings, have ruled this island. In AD 1705, Basalinga Nayak of Sonda fought a battle with the British from this island. Fishing "Yo"You catch, we cook “. Our chef promises to do just that. There are several spots for fishing around the island – either the patient way, with bamboo fishing rods or with a fishing net, which is cast into the sea in the evenings and early morning. Our staff will point out the fish frequently caught, on our fish poster at the restaurant. Boat Rides: Boat rides to view and visit some of the neighbouring islands can be arranged with adequate notice to the staff and subject to suitable weather conditions. Alternatively, you could have a picnic at sea. Do take your camera along as you could have dolphins and flying fish leap up at just about anytime during the ride.” Ayurvedic Massages: A doctor of Naturopathy couple visits the island in the morning between 7 am and 1 pm on prior appointment. Payment for massage direct. Bonfire and Barbecues: A bonfire and barbecue is organized every evening. Live chickens on the island and fresh fish caught during the day by our staff and guests are used for the barbecue. Don’t worry ! If you weren’t lucky with your catch, our boat also picks up fish from the local market. Indoor/ Outdoor games / books/ music: Playing cards, scrabble, chess and carom available with resort staff. Volleyball and ball badminton. Children’s play area. Books/magazines for general reading. The daily newspaper will arrive on a boat, which goes to pick up guests or daily rations. Please let our staff know if you prefer English, Hindi or regional music while you are at the restaurant in the evenings.
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